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Subject: Cenia's Aunt Titi 2 Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts of incest between a girl and women. If
this type of content offends you or you are under the age
of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be
downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a
friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site,
please contact the author young model 12yo
for permission.Copyright 2006 Jan, All Rights Reserved.Please mail to if you have
suggestions for future stories. bikini sex model
Cenia's Aunt Titi 2
Jan While cenia was being educated by titi, rosa and
Sister Joan Cenia was not above seeking new sexual
pretenders. She had a close friend at young model 12yo school named
Karina. She had the sweetest bubble butt. One day while Karina was visiting Cenia's home they
were in Cenia's bedroom girl model shutterfly playing. Cenia was just looking
for a reason to feel her butt. They were listing to music on her CD machine when
she dropped a few CD cases Karina was quick to bend
over to pick them up Cenia placed her hand on her butt
and gave it a squeeze. Karina didn't say nude bikini modelws
anything. When she stood up
cases in hand Cenia kissed her on the mouth. Karina
dropped the cases and took hold of young vidio models
Cenia and kissed her
back. Cenia quickly undressed her and Karina undressed
Cenia. They fell back onto the bed. Cenia bathed her body
with her tongue before she performed oral sex on her.
Karina was so pleased that she knelt between Cenia's legs
and sucked her pussy too. Cenia introduced her to licking
ass that same day. Karina loved it as much as Cenia did.
That evening over dinner Cenia told Titi about Karina. Titi
expressed a desire to have sex with Karina too. They had a Halloween party coming up so Cenia
invited Karina and girl model shutterfly
her sister Joy. The arrangement was
from for them to spend the korean model gallery night. Karina and Cenia were both dressed as school
teachers nude bikini modelws
and joy was a witch. The party was fun for
everyone and it ran late. As the house returned to normal
the guest went home. Cenia and Karina were planning on
shared a bed for the night. Joy was going to have the
couch in the family room to herself. Cenia and Karina showered before bed. They were
playful and opted to not bother with nightgowns in bed.
Staying warm in southern Florida on a Halloween is not
problem. The air temperature at night is in high eighties
and humidity is closer to the 90 percent. They sisn'r
bother even getting under any sheets. They had cuddled
up and kissed each other lovingly. They started playing
with each others little nipples until they were sensitive to
the touch. It was Cenia that took charge and turned
around on top of Karina. She slowly turned around and
straddled Karina's head as she positioned herself over her
girlfriend's sweet pussy. They started performing oral sex
on each other. At that moment Joy took it upon herself to get up
and look for her sister to ask her if she had brought along
the cell phone. When she opened the door and saw what
they were doing she paused before asking if she could play
too. Cenia looked up and motioned for her to come to
her. She had Joy lay down next to her sister so that she
could compare their crotches. Of course their pussies and
assholes were much smaller that Titi's, Rosa's and Sister's
Joan's. They were both virgins. Cenia thought it best not
to deflower them. She just sucked on their pussies until
both of them were exhausted. While Cenia was licking
Joy's asshole Titi wanted into the bedroom. She was
standing in the door with the hall light back lighting her
naked models nn simple body. Her legs were spread wide. Her hand was
behind her back. All three girls froze. Both Karina and Joy begged, "Please don't to tell teen model hot our
mother and father!" Titi simply asked, "Why would I tell them what is
going on I want to play with you too." Cenia's bed was not big enough for the four of them
to get on the bed together. Cenia got off of the bed and
sat cross legged by her bed so that she could watch her
aunt make love to her friends. Both girls lay there with their mouths open as they
watched the naked woman approaching the bed. They
never took their eyes off of her breasts and the hairy
crotch. She sat on the bed and stroked the two naked
girl's bodies. Titi kissed Karina and played with Joy's little nipples
with her hands. She performed oral sex on Karina while
she used a battery powered dildo that she had been hiding
behind her back to massage the young girl's clit. She
switched to sucking joy's pussy and using her toy on
Karen. When both girls were exhausted she inspected
their cunt to be sure they were virgins. She feared that if
their mother found out they would tell who deflowered
them. After they rested Titi had Cenia perform oral sex with
both of them in the 69 position so that she could watch
them. Titi left Karina in bed with Cenia while she took Joy
the older sister to her bedroom. As a twelve-year old she was a little more mature.
She breasts that were someplace between A and B cups.
Her vulva had a light dusting of blond pubic hair that was
just a little darker that the hair on her head. Titi had a
long talk with her before deflowering her. She was only
willing to do it when Joy assured her that she wanted her
hymen broken and she would not tell how she lost it. She
said she would tell her mother she fell on the handle bar
mounting of her bicycle when she ran into a curb. So topless model gallery
used her dildo to deflower Joy. The girl made a lot of noise
when she lost her hymen and later when she climaxed. The two girls became regular visitors to their house
and Karina insisted on having her hymen broken too. Titi
took her with her finger. Just like she had done for Cenia
and Joy she lapped up Karina's the watery blood after she
deflowered her. The two girls were thrilled when they met Rosa and
Sister Joan. They found it very exciting to have two adult
women model porn clips
having sex with them at the same time. They had
large breasts and hairy pussy's to play with while another
woman performed oral sex on them or used a toy on their
cunts. The dirty talk thrilled them. When they saw Cenia
talking dildo's up her ass they bedded to have acemodeling top sites their butts
stretched too. It did not take a year to make bother girls into
confirmed lesbians. When ever Cenia got to visit them
and their mother was not home the three of them had so
many ways to satisfy each other. It had to happen, one
day their mother returned home unexpectedly and walked
in on them having sex. Karina was sucking on Cenia's
nipples while Joy was using a dildo on her young pussy. Their mother was speechless for a few moment s
while the realization of what she was witnessing took full
effect. She eventually told Cenia to get dressed while the
two girls fled to their bedroom Cenia got dressed. She
gathered up Cenia's clothes and handed her each item
slowly while she watched Cenia dress. Cenia knew boy models naked that
she was looking hat her body. Her breasts looked it little
pears. The areolas were perched on the little breasts like
pink cones and the nipples were small. Her swollen little
vulva had a just a little dark pubic hairs. Joy was two years older then Cenia so she had just
slightly larger breasts and even though she had more
pubic hair it was not as noticeable because ir was blond.
Karena was Cenia's age but she still looked like a boy
without a cock. Her chest was flat and her vulva was bald. Their mother asked Cenia asked her if her girl's had
hurt her. She never took her eyes off Cenia while she
dressed. She apologized for what had happed and said
that she needed to talk to Titi. Cenia was apprehensive
about what she was going to say to aunt. The next day she came over to Titi's house after
work. She met in private with Titi. She assumed because
Joy was responsible because she was almost thirteen
years old. A month later they moved out of the
neighborhood. Cenia wondered what her reaction would have been
if she had known that her daughters had been been
seduced by Cenia and that they had been having sex with
three adult women with strap-on dildos in their pussies,
assholes and enjoying pissing games for close to a year. Cenia was very much like her beloved Titi, a total
submissive lesbian slave to any woman that assumed the
dominate roll. Rosa and Sister Joan were natural
dominate dikes when it came to sex. She loves to be
spanked, caned and fucked roughly. Titi can have an
orgasm while being caned. Rosa and Sister Joan jointly own both Titi and Carina
they tell them what to do and who to do it with. architecture model materials
loves pussy but her favorite ones are hairy and smelly
ones. That was because of her relationship with Sister
Joan. For the next seven or eight years she had sex with a
variety of nuns and older women the Sister Joan and Rosa
allowed to use their sex toys.I hope you enjoyed the story and have a story you would
like told please send your mail to
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